Nitrome Must Die!? + Finds

November 6, 2011

Sorry I’m late reporting this readers, seems that my newly arrived New Super Mario Bros. Wii kept me at the TV. Many of you probably know about the “Nitrome Must Die” site, since Nitrome started it up many Fans on Facebook and the Nitrome Wiki have been talking about it. It’s awful that someone would want Nitrome to end. The person who made the site has made a  petition to  bring Nitrome down. I have had several thoughts about the site. Through a bit of research (and some theories), Nitrome may be behind this. I have my theories below how Nitrome could be behind it: (NOTE: They are just theories, none of them have been confirmed (unless I say so))

  1. Just why would you tell all your fans about a website which wants you to go down? An image would be fine, but to provided a link? I highly doubt that Nitrome posted a link to the site and an image so that people would know about the awful sight.
  2. The design. I would think that someone who hated Nitrome would probably not know that much about making a website  – a site not hosted on a free site service. The background of the site and the “Nitrome Must Die” image look like the type of art a Nitrome pixel artists would use.
  3. Nitrome, if they are behind it, may have set up the site so they could collect the names and Email addresses of people who hate them, then make a big blog post listing the names and Email addresses of the people.

Those are my theories. Over the past few days before I wrote this, a user called “Nitrome Must Die” created an account on the Nitrome Wiki. They left insulting comments on the page, insulting some users. It is possible that Nitrome created this account to make it look it was not them, and somebody else. Before writing this blog post, I discovered some other interesting facts. My dad signed the petition twice (not that he hates Nitrome), and noticed that the Petition counts everyone who signs it as two people. So top find out how many people have really signed, divide the current amount by 2.

Also, he looked up nitromemustdie.come on a WHOIS site, and found that the nitromemustdie site’s IP Address was from the UK, which makes it look like Nitrome may be behind the site. My last discovery was that the site was set up on October 31st, 2011 (Halloween for some parts of the world), while Nitrome made the site known to there fans on November 4th 2011, 5 days later.

Is Nitrome behind this? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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