Stumped released

After getting out of Frankenstein lab, the little hopping Frankenfoot wanted the world to know how he had been used as a Test Subject in a laboratory. So what did the little foot do? He mega-hopped over to the Nitrome Towers, and asked the Nitrome people there if they would make a game about him. They said yes, and the Frankenfoot helped make the game. And it was released on October 27th, 2011.

I just came up with that story above, and it isn’t part of the game. The game which Nitrome previewed last Friday as a .gif has been released! And I thought it would be released on Friday, seeing as Mega Mash, and Canopy were released on that day. This game is the 99th Nitrome game (not counting the Steamlands Player Pack). What will the 100th game be? I guess we’ll have to wait to a week or two to see. I had discovered this game this morning on Nitrome, and was probably one of the first to play it. The game isn’t as easy as past Nitrome games, and reminded me about a little bit about Ribbit.  Hop over to to play it, click the link below.

Play Stumped


One Response to Stumped released

  1. bamseper says:

    wow this game is hard… but i like the art very much, so i wannaa see the ending art! (if there is any)

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