Upcoming Steamlands Update + Reviews

Last Friday, there was no Friday update. A few weeks prior to that, there was also no Friday update. This was due to Nitrome working hard to bring us good games. Also in that post, Nitrome plans on bringing us the Steamlands update, with a whole bunch of fan-made levels. Since they’re saying it will come very soon, this means it will come this week or next week (NOTE: This does not count towards the 100th game). Nitrome is going to post more about this subject this week, so there is going to be a possible video or image.

On top of that, Mega Mash has been reviewed by Edge, Kotaku, Indie Games, and Jay is Games. Below are the links for the reviews.

Edge Review

Kotaku Review

Indie Games

Jay is Games Review

Edge is also doing a series of articles about flash games. So far, two have been done, each which have quote from Mat Annal

Post 1

Post 2

Well, thats it for this Nitrome Universe post.


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