Is Mega Mash Uncompletable?

Nirome released Mega Mash today, the retro shooter platformer. Nitrome said there were some glitches, and there were some glitches (head over to the Mega Mash page on the Nitrome Wiki to read about some). Some were bad, but I encountered one that was the worst of all. On level 18, to pass the level, you have to shoot Xenoship shots and rebound them off the wall, back at you, and into the blocks behind you. You do this for most of the level. On my first run through the level, I died some distance away from the Super Power Up, and was respawned, but with no Super Power Up (and I couldn’t access it at this point in the level). I succeeded in  getting to the Flagpole, but nothing happened when I got to it. I though I had to get to it in my Super form, so I completed the level again, this time in my Super Form, and something even weirder happened. I got to the flagpole, and again nothing happened. And suddenly, I fell through the floor while standing on he block the Flagpole was on! However, since I did not have all my hearts depleted, the game thought I was still alive.  I could move horizontally, causing the screen to move, but not get back into the level. Is Mega Mash Uncompletable? I sure hope Nitrome fixes this glitch.


5 Responses to Is Mega Mash Uncompletable?

  1. ilenap says:

    send your glitches to
    then they will know the glitches to be fixed

  2. comma's are important says:

    I noticed this too. You can also fall through the floor somewhere else.

  3. bamseper says:

    sorry for not being active here for so long. my pc is just so slow.
    i cant even load mega mash 😦

  4. Vitor says:

    That’s not a bug. To end up the game you need to fall through that hole and go back to the start, the problem is that you cant see anything when you are in the dark spots/error areas so its a little tricky to find the right place to jump back

  5. Random-storykeeper says:

    I’ll have to look into that once I actually start playing the game… -_-

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