Stumped released

October 27, 2011

After getting out of Frankenstein lab, the little hopping Frankenfoot wanted the world to know how he had been used as a Test Subject in a laboratory. So what did the little foot do? He mega-hopped over to the Nitrome Towers, and asked the Nitrome people there if they would make a game about him. They said yes, and the Frankenfoot helped make the game. And it was released on October 27th, 2011.

I just came up with that story above, and it isn’t part of the game. The game which Nitrome previewed last Friday as a .gif has been released! And I thought it would be released on Friday, seeing as Mega Mash, and Canopy were released on that day. This game is the 99th Nitrome game (not counting the Steamlands Player Pack). What will the 100th game be? I guess we’ll have to wait to a week or two to see. I had discovered this game this morning on Nitrome, and was probably one of the first to play it. The game isn’t as easy as past Nitrome games, and reminded me about a little bit about Ribbit.  Hop over to to play it, click the link below.

Play Stumped


Upcoming Halloween Nitrome game

October 20, 2011

Nitrome has shown us fans a preview of an upcoming game that is Halloween themed, we haven’t had a Halloween game since 2009 (which may have been caused by some people not liking Graveyard Shift, the last released Halloween game). This preview is a .gif (below), being closeup of two moving sprites of (possible) enemies from the game: A Frankenstein foot and pink severed hand. This has been (so far) the only Nitrome preview to be a .gif. According to Jon, this game is Nitrome’s 99th game, and will be released soon. I wonder if the 100th game is a sequel.


Steamlands Player Pack released!

October 13, 2011

It was Monday that Nitrome revealed the name of the Steamlands expansion. Its three days later they have released it. Today they have released the game! Only, unlike what many people probably thought, it wasn’t an add-on to Steamlands, but rather a completely separate game! You probably don’t want to read this, and just play the game, so I’ll cut it short and place the link below.

Steamlands Play Pack

Steamlands Player Pack coming soon

October 12, 2011

Aaron Steed has updated us about the Fan Made levels contest. He says that he played “every” level sent in. He highlighted that Tanks which said “Nitrome” were a fan favorite, as more than one level had a giant Nitrome tank. He says that what he was looking for in fan made levels was fun, and when they were fun, they made it into the player pack. Not all levels will make it in, but even if it doesn’t make it into the player pack, you’ll still receive credit for sending in a level (if you sent in one, and if you included your name), and even possibly see it drive by on the front screen. This play pack will be available to play in Steamlands very soon. And if your wondering if I sent in one, no I didn’t.

Upcoming Steamlands Update + Reviews

October 11, 2011

Last Friday, there was no Friday update. A few weeks prior to that, there was also no Friday update. This was due to Nitrome working hard to bring us good games. Also in that post, Nitrome plans on bringing us the Steamlands update, with a whole bunch of fan-made levels. Since they’re saying it will come very soon, this means it will come this week or next week (NOTE: This does not count towards the 100th game). Nitrome is going to post more about this subject this week, so there is going to be a possible video or image.

On top of that, Mega Mash has been reviewed by Edge, Kotaku, Indie Games, and Jay is Games. Below are the links for the reviews.

Edge Review

Kotaku Review

Indie Games

Jay is Games Review

Edge is also doing a series of articles about flash games. So far, two have been done, each which have quote from Mat Annal

Post 1

Post 2

Well, thats it for this Nitrome Universe post.

Mega Mash Glitch fixed

October 3, 2011

Nitrome has fixed the glitch in Mega Mash, which prevented you from completing the game. Nitrome has also fixed other glitches. Yay, now all of us who got close to the end can complete the game. Also, as seen on the Mega Mash page, many parts of the games seem to be reference to other games.

Play Mega Mash

Is Mega Mash Uncompletable?

October 1, 2011

Nirome released Mega Mash today, the retro shooter platformer. Nitrome said there were some glitches, and there were some glitches (head over to the Mega Mash page on the Nitrome Wiki to read about some). Some were bad, but I encountered one that was the worst of all. On level 18, to pass the level, you have to shoot Xenoship shots and rebound them off the wall, back at you, and into the blocks behind you. You do this for most of the level. On my first run through the level, I died some distance away from the Super Power Up, and was respawned, but with no Super Power Up (and I couldn’t access it at this point in the level). I succeeded in  getting to the Flagpole, but nothing happened when I got to it. I though I had to get to it in my Super form, so I completed the level again, this time in my Super Form, and something even weirder happened. I got to the flagpole, and again nothing happened. And suddenly, I fell through the floor while standing on he block the Flagpole was on! However, since I did not have all my hearts depleted, the game thought I was still alive.  I could move horizontally, causing the screen to move, but not get back into the level. Is Mega Mash Uncompletable? I sure hope Nitrome fixes this glitch.

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