Upcoming Game image + 100th game

Yay! Nitrome has previewed us a game, a game they are currently working on. This game seems similar to Pac-Man, and is 2-player! The art for the game looks different than other Nitrome Games, new artist? It seems that the aim of the game is to go and touch these blue boxes, whilst avoiding enemies. Player 1 is a snake made of squares and diamonds, while player 2 is (what seems to be player 2) a blue box with an eye. This game looks cool and fun to play.

On top of that, Nitrome has announced they have some plans for the  site for there 100th game! What will there 100th game be? The Descent game with the Green guy who descends  down corridors. Nitrome is counting Mini game to. Also, by there 100th game they mean all there flash game, not the unfinished ones like Jelly Beanstalk and Mobile Chick Flick, Cellphone games like Four Play are also not counted. This game is currently in production, so it won’t be released soon. Also, the Descent game is going to be released next week! How can I be sure? Nitrome says they will release a new game next week! Unless the new game is a game we haven’t seen yet, the Descent  game will be available to play next week.


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