Approching the release of the new website

Nitrome has just posted today that they are currently “rolling out the changes” for the new site design. They say to be patient if you notice any errors around the site (pages, games loading), as this will be a short transitional period.  If you notice any bugs, let the Nitrome Team know, either by comments of Facebook or Email.

Remember the games page seen on the preview images of the new skin? Nitrome has made a last minute change to that page, a change which they are not so happy with, but they will work on fixing this soon. This skin will hopefully go live next Wednesday, so get ready for a surprise when you check Nitrome a week from now (if everything goes well).


One Response to Approching the release of the new website

  1. Tobie says:

    Nitrome Universe is listed as an official Fan site!! 😀

    Also, the new website looks great ^^’
    (Website credits:

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