Mega Mash nitrome game preview

Can you get the balloon to the finish? Can you navigate the explorer through the treacherous cave? Can you get the rabbit to the end? Can you get the daring Ninja to the end? These are just a few descriptions of what some of the game may be in Nitrome’s upcoming new Game – Mega Mash! Nitrome has reveled to us today images of levels of Mega Mash, were you go through many levels controlling several characters. The game is not your usual NES game, the game has several levels all with different themes. You may be trying to blow a balloon past  enemies who ant  to pop it, and next swing through laser filled areas as a Ninja. This game looks pretty neat, as you do a variety of things instead of just progressing from level-to-level as the same character.

This also reveals what those images in the NES Skin were. This is probably not the game going to be released this week, but going to be released in the coming weeks (or months). It also reminds me of the WarioWare games by Nintendo.

Mega Mash Screenshot 1 – Hot Air Balloon

Mega Mash Screenshot 2 – Explorer in Treacherous Cave

Mega Mash Screenshot 3 – Rabbit Man in Mountain Land

Mega Mash Screenshot 4 – Ninja in Big City

Mega Mash Screenshot 5 – Nitrome Tetris

Mega Mash Screenshot 6 – Nitrome Pong

Mega Mash Screenshot 7 – Horizontal Space Invanders

Note: Those are not the names of the official games, but names I just came up with.


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