Rubble Trouble Tokyo trailer

As I visited the Nitrome blog this morning, t my surprise I saw a link to a Rubble Trouble  2 trailer. A special thanks to jczak in the comments for Office Trap for providing the link to the  Rubble Trouble 2 page,  as it was shortly removed due to reasons concerning the earthquake in Japan.

The new tools in the game look great, especially the Godzilla tool! I’ve been recently replaying the original Rubble Trouble game so I could rewrite the articles about the Rubble Trouble tools, which were in horrible condition. Seeing as at the end of the trailer it says “Coming Soon”, I’m guessing this will either be released late in this month or sometime in the next month.


One Response to Rubble Trouble Tokyo trailer

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    No offense, but this looks like it implies mockery of Japan. I know Nitrome doesn’t intend that, but I think someone without any knowledge of Nitrome would think otherwise.

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