Test Subject Arena

Well this is unexpected. Today, Nitrome released Test Subject Arena, the “Test Subject Blue Spin-off” hinted by Mat one day. In Test Subject Arena… there is no single player or plot! In Test Subject Arena, you and a friend fight to see who can obtain the most goo! No computer players, you actually have to have a friend fight with you. Its a mixture of Portal 2 and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Multiplayer. So, why not give it a go through 14 stages combining hazards and objects from the Test Subject Blue universe? Click to play.


3 Responses to Test Subject Arena

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Yeah, this is a Multiplayer game. But I think this should also be placed in the Mini Game section as well.

    It looks like a nice concept, but it’s better if your opponent is experienced and good at the Test Subject games. Sure it’s a fun game, but I hope this is the last Multiplayer-only game that Nitrome releases.

  2. Bet is the luck(Bet Storm) says:

    When I had play Test Subject Arena with my sis, we had both agreed that it is not the best game ever and it is sort of horrible in our opinon.

  3. Random-storykeeper says:

    My little sister only liked to squat in the corner and shoot at the wall when we played, waiting for me to come down. So I tried to choose levels where she couldn’t really do that all the time.

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