Office Trap

The week awaited preview we’ve all been waiting for has finally be released. And this time, its not an image, but a 55 second trailer! And, its a sequel to Knight Trap. Introducing – Office Trap!

In Office Trap, employees of a business have to avoid traps and rescue there boss who is trapped on the top floor. Another great thing is the game is two player! Uh-oh, does it seem that the levels seem to be quite similar to levels from the original Knight Trap, with just the art changed? Apparently it is. Anyway, we shall see (or watch) another Office Trap trailer next week, a new game (Test Subject Blue Spin Off?), and hopefully another preview of another game!


10 Responses to Office Trap

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Ok, I feel really stupid asking this, but what is a Spin Off? I tried looking it up, but I can’t find the meaning of it in a game context.

  2. Bet is the luck says:

    An example of a mario game spin off is Mario is Missing. That game is terrible in my opinon.

  3. Bulbear says:

    As a less suckish example, a spin-off of the Mario games is Mario Party.

  4. Bet is the luck(Bet Storm) says:

    But the game mario is missing has a sequel though like mario party series

    • bamseper says:

      wow thank you it looks awesome! but how did you found it?

    • Tobie says:

      Oh my! I used to try things like that! 😉

      Nice find, I also found something similar for Steamlands before, and for Frostbite 2 ^_^

      But… This link now loads Test Subject Arena! Do you have any screenshots of what it used to show? 😮

      On topic: Best music in a nitrome game ever? ;D

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