Test Subject 3 on the way

I have good news for all you Test Subject Blue fans! Nitrome announced today that two more sequels to the Test Subject Blue series are on the way! Test Subject Blue 3 and a Test Subject Blue spin-off game! What was the reason for the two sequels? Nitrome saw how we adored Test Subject Green. They also provided an image of Blue eager to play both games. (image below)

Test Subject Blue 3 will be released in the coming months, not this month. The Test Subject Blue spin-off game will come in the not-too distant future, and will probably be a Mini Game. Who knows?  Maybe Nitrome might make a Test Subject Blue Galaxy, Test Subject Blue Prime, Super Test Subject Blue Bros., Super Smash Enzymes. Well, I guess its time I get back to my Wii.


3 Responses to Test Subject 3 on the way

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Just to let you know, neither of them are going to be called “Test Subject Blue 3”.

  2. ^_^ says:

    test subject rex209

  3. Bulbear says:

    The spin-off may not be a mini-game. In fact, it is most probably a main game. Think about it. Skywire VIP and Thin Ice are both (I think!) Main Games. Why not TS Blue?

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