Silly Sausage video preview

Remember the image of the stretchy dog Nitrome previewed to us? Well, the time has come to announce the name and a video preview. The NES game is called Silly Sausage! From watching the Trailer, you control a dog who has to collect all the Gems in the level. The dog has the ability to stretch around in order to collect the gems. Video preview below.


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  1. Mironar says:

    Pretty fun mechanics!! I think Silly Sausage or Test Subject Green will be the next game.

  2. Mironar says:

    And it’s also curious how they used as an intro the “Facebook” logo of Nitrome.I think this is another thing that reveals that NES is just a joke (a pretty cool joke =)

  3. Ean-Thomas says:

    I wonder if it’s harder or easier to make these “Nitrome Enjoyment System” games on their website. I’ve noticed that they make a pixel on the game 2,3,or 4 times larger then the small pixel on a computer to make it more realistic with those retro styled games from like 1985.

    BTW, I’m a big nitrome fan and a retro gaming fan. So… this rocks

  4. kj says:

    hey…. on the title screen pause. it says password? could this be from accounts? will they be out when they make this game? (excited)


    • NOBODY says:

      Actually, there not what you think they are. In old Nintendo Entertainment System games (Metroid 1 and The Legend of Zelda 1 for example), the game would constantly keep going.

      If the player would like to end there game, the game would give them a password which they could input on the menu to go back to the exact spot where they left off.

      This was a substitute for Saving the player’s game, which they could not do because game saving wasn’t invented yet.

      • kj says:

        oh, so sortof like the game arcade on it gives you a pass too…. mine is eggs42 🙂 i think…

      • NOBODY says:

        Not like an in-game account. I’ll explain it easier. You are playing The Legend of Zelda. It’s 11:45 PM and you should go to bed. Since you just got the game, nowhere in the manual does it say there are save points. You then quit the game; the game gives you a password “qgLmdW”.

        Next day, after school, you rush down to your Nintendo Entertainment System to play the game. You enter the password in the password section of the menu, and press enter. The game starts off were you left off.

      • kj says:

        yes, thats what i thought you were saying

  5. Random-storykeeper says:

    I considered it to be one of those “unlocking” passwords, actually. Like the ones that unlock secret levels or characters, and you find them randomly around levels or on the Nitrome site or something.

    Say, where did the word “Stage” go on that game? I could have sworn on the preview image that they put the stage name there. Whatever happened with that?

  6. Tiago says:

    No idea, but seems to be a tough game …

  7. Bet Storm says:

    Hey, guys there is a new post on Nitrome
    Sorry I typed this on my cell.

  8. bamseper says:

    steamlands has been fixed

  9. Mironar says:

    New blog post! A new preview to the Big Sequel! Is…..Rubble Trouble 2

  10. bamseper says:

    yay rubble trouble 2!!!!!!!

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