Steamlands Skin

Steamlands has been talked about a lot during the past week, and with the announcing of Steamlands to be released this week, this has made all us Nitrome fans happy! To kick off the release of Steamlands, Nitrome has revealed to us what their latest skin is – it’s based off Steamlands, and has been named Steamlands. Yep, it seems that several Nitrome characters have also got into the fight.

We see that Dirk Valentine has brought some of Battenberg’s men over to his side… or are they chasing Dirk? Blimps on Dirk’s side fire at a Robo-Mangenboy who obliterates the top of Dirk’s tank. After helping Enemy 585, Turner enlists himself as a Tank part.  Atop Turner-the-tank-part stands the Red Pirate Captain from Mutiny, who watches his first mate fire a Banana into the sky. As I quote from Toby “The Steamland link is down”. Could this possibly mean that that link could have been accessed to play Steamlands early, or is Nitrome going to release it today.
Until the Blog post today, were gonna have to wait and see!


One Response to Steamlands Skin

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesmeister) says:

    The skin is actually called ‘Steampunk’.

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