Quote Unquote interviews Nitrome

Quote Unquote today has interviewed Mat Annal on how Nitrome started up, the inspiration for its name, and the development of games. If you can spare 5 minutes, you can click the first link below to jump to the interview. Exclusively in the interview is 3 pieces of Nitrome’s development sketches, so if you want to see what Canary 214-LE (the Main Character in Canary) looked like in development  or what Blue (Test Subject Blue’s Main Character) looked  orange, click the link below.

Quote Unquote Nitrome Interview 

Also, I think many of you might have expected the release of Steamlands to happen today. If you want to see what the Background of Steamlands will look like, click the link below.

Steamlands Background


11 Responses to Quote Unquote interviews Nitrome

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Nitrome has confirmed that they will be releasing it next week. It’s on the blog.

  2. Tobie says:

    Fail, second time they already activated a game’s link before actually putting the game up 😛

    • Tobie says:

      Actually, that thing is quite cool! 🙂
      I wonder if we were able to play the game two days ago… maybe the put it up for a while for the guys from JayIsGames and IndieGames 😉

  3. bamseper says:

    i have something for the cameos!!!
    under the earth in the background an enemy from dirk valentini can be seen!!!

  4. bamseper says:

    have you all been at the bonus nitrome concept art page at the end of the interview?
    its really cool!!!

  5. Tobie says:


    Should have found this 1,5 months ago D=

  6. Tobie says:

    New Steamlands skin! (http://cdn.nitrome.com/images/steamlands/tile.png)

    The link to Steamlands is down at the moment so I guess they’re implementing the game C:

    I spy a giant robot (boss fight?) and Mutiny/Dirk Valentine cameos, looking good and can’t wait for the game to be released 😛

    • Tobie says:

      “Some of you may have realised that we have released our new Steamlands game just a few minutes ago. We have been having a few teething problems so have had to momentarily remove the game. These issues being rectified as we speak and will be fixed asap. Apologies for any gaming induced seizures caused. =0)”

      “We did launch it and then pulled it again. Some last minute problems with the encryption caused the custom mouse cursor to fail so were just sorting it out.”


  7. bamseper says:

    two new cameos on the steamlands skin:
    a giant magneboy robot and the pirates from mutiny on a tank=)

    • Tobie says:

      I don’t think that’s from Magneboy but you might be right 😛

      And there’s a dirk valentine cameo 😀

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