Knght Trap out!

The long awaited game Knight Trap has finally been released! The game was not what I thought, as I thought you had to set a path for the Knight, seems that I’m wrong once again. I find that this game is easy, addictive, and fun! So, click the link below to play!

Knight Trap


6 Responses to Knght Trap out!

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Yes! Played it. It’s fun, but I feel so horrible when I kill a knight :(. I wonder if the knights really will get the princess. That could be an interesting story idea…

  2. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    I have completed it. It did get frustrating though.

    • NOBODY says:

      I think I’m on level 20 or 21, its the level where all rows have rows of those up moving arrows and the boulder buttons.

  3. Mironar says:

    New blog post! Another pixely prewiew of the sequel! This is what I think:
    1.Square Meal 2 (I hope so =)
    2.Enemy 585 2 (Want it too,but I’m not sure because I think Stefan Ahlin is currently working on the Stretching Dog Game)
    3.The Bucket (not so popular)

    • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

      I disagree with all. 2. and 3. were not popular. And the the picture doesn’t really have any resemblence to Square Meal. Square Meal has gray flooring.

  4. Tobie says:

    New blog post about an upcoming sequel of ‘probably the most popular game that doesn’t have a sequel yet’ 😀

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