3D Tech Demo

March 24, 2011

Today, Nitrome shared with us a tech demo showing a mechanic which Nitrome may implement into future games. If your wondering “What is a tech demo?”, a Tech Demo is something that demonstrates a mechanic or part of a product (or this case, game).

For this Tech Demo, Nitrome shows us 2D Platforming on 3D shapes, and no, the characters are not 3D. Nitrome provided a 4 minute video to illustrate this concept, with commentary by Mat Annal and Lewis Fravero. When watching the video, you will notice that a Twin Shot Angel are used as the character in the demo. This does not mean Twin Shot 3 is coming out, or a 3D  Twin Shot 3 is coming out, the Twin Shot Angel is just being used for the demo as the character.



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