Knight Trap video preview

Remember that post last Friday showing that image of that Knight game? Well, Nitrome has released a Trailer for it. The game is called Knight Trap, which seems appropriate as all levels will feature traps.

I see the game is a strategy game, seeing how the player will have to plan a route for the knight to get to the top of the castle. The story for this game is a Princess tricks several Knights into coming into her castle, and promises to marry the Knight who survives all the traps. I thought Steamlands was going to come out today, I see  I was wrong. Anyway, we have two juicy Nitrome games to look foreword to, one which may be coming in the near future.


9 Responses to Knight Trap video preview

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Is this supposedly an NES game again?

    • NOBODY says:

      I’m not sure.

      • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

        Yes it is. And we also have Super Feed Me to look forward to, but I don’t think that’s coming out any time soon.

        And nobody, I honestly think Knight Trap will come out before Steamlands, because it looks like a larger and more complicated game.

  2. Tiago says:

    Well .. we have a game here before the Tiny Castle, they can see it’s the same genre, is a bit like knight, even the name is the same, and talks seriously until the tune has a combination of somewhat . … The fact is the Nitrome may have released the second game before the first, master some differences as a lot of levels and not wanting to speak ill, is much better even though the NES graphics.

  3. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Another Nitrome video preview is out. After today’s preview, the active previewed games are at 4 (Super Feed Me, Steamlands, Knight Trap, and this 3D game which they haven’t named yet). This is actually the most previewed games at one time that Nitrome has ever had.

    • Tobie says:

      I can’t quite hear what he says in the beginning;

      Hi, this is Mat Annal from Nitrome and with me I have one of our Senior Developers ‘Lewis from …’

      Can anyone tell me what Senior Developer is with him? ;]

      Other than that, I loved the video, I’m really interested in how Nitrome games are made and what they look like in early development stages! 😀

      • NOBODY says:

        The ‘from’ part you heard was actually Mat pronouncing Lewis’s last name. From waht I heard, his name is Fravero (FRA-var-o).

  4. Someguy says:

    I think you’ll find his name is “Luis Jose Romero”.

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