Knight Trap video preview

March 23, 2011

Remember that post last Friday showing that image of that Knight game? Well, Nitrome has released a Trailer for it. The game is called Knight Trap, which seems appropriate as all levels will feature traps.

I see the game is a strategy game, seeing how the player will have to plan a route for the knight to get to the top of the castle. The story for this game is a Princess tricks several Knights into coming into her castle, and promises to marry the Knight who survives all the traps. I thought Steamlands was going to come out today, I see  I was wrong. Anyway, we have two juicy Nitrome games to look foreword to, one which may be coming in the near future.


Future Nitrome Website update

March 23, 2011

Nitrome (yesterday) posted an image of what the future game page will look like. Mat also shed some light on upcoming features. (Click image for bigger size)

Mat said the game images seen on the Game pages will be smaller, have a short description, and that the game page will tell more about the game highlighting content the game might have. Tags will be placed on the game images, different Tags standing for different things. Also, it seems that you can ‘like’ games, among other things.  Mat also says that the Main Page will feature more information about stuff. I’m looking forward to the switch, and I can’t wait to see what new features await.

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