Nitrome at Flash Mindmeld

Mat and Jon, both brothers (for those who don’t know), went asked to come to an event called Flash Mindmeld. According to Mat, Flash Mindmeld is an event where 60 Flash Game Developers are given 60 second each to give a tip on how to be successful in the Flash Gaming market. This might be good to listen to if you ever consider starting up a game company and making  Flash Games.

Want to hear what Jon and Mat said? link the link below! However, not is all what it seems. To hear Jon and Mat, you have to make an account on the Site, and that requires your Email address. Link below to the site.


One Response to Nitrome at Flash Mindmeld

  1. Mironar says:

    New post (only on Facebook now)! A prewiew of the Nitrome’s futyure Home page (it looks pretty awesome!)

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