Test Subject Blue fix and Nitrome Art

(Credit to Strawberry)

Sorry for being late on this post everybody, I think I’ll be doing another post soon. Nitrome showed us another piece of art from a Nitrome fan, this time, the art being a Comic (why do we not see comics that often anymore?). The 16 panel comic was made by NintendoFan92, and can be accessed via his Deviant Art account  (link below). The comic stars the Square Meal Green Troll, Pink Twin Shot cat, Mirror Image Warlock, Frost Bite Eskimo, Cave Chaos Mole, and Twin Shot 2 Onion.

Link to comic

As pointed out by Nitrome, the comic is in French. A  translation of the Comic, provided by Jonatan Galik, is posted below.

Warlock: Stop! A Demon!

Pink Cat: He’s transformed into Stone!

Warlock: It’s worst than I thought…

Pink Cat: ……

Alpinist: Maybe he is a Demon!

Green Monster: Raaaawwww!!!

Warlock: I’m not a Demon! My eyes are naturally red!

Also, Nitrome announced a fix with Test Subject Blue. People had said that they were unable to Submit scores, now you can! Nitrome suggests to clear your browser’s Cache so you get the right game.


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