Chisel 2!

Yesterday, Nitrome previewed a pixally image of a sequel to an upcoming game. Today, they revealed what the game is – Chisel 2! Yay, I was right! They provided an image (see below link) , along with telling us fans about the awesome new features! Nitrome said that the engine for Chisel 1 (the engine, a game engine, being aΒ  type of software used for the making of games) allowed them to make quite limited shapes. They say that they wrote the new engine for Chisel 2 from scratch, so they basically made a new game engine.

They say that with their new engine, they have more freedom on the shapes, and have put a lot of effort into the shapes in the levels of Chisel 2. With the new engine, they can add holes in shapes and multiple shapes (planets) in a level, along with being able to have shapes bigger in levels then before! But just how will you get from shape-to-shape, Nitrome will answer that soon! New enemies, including attacking Egg Plants; new Shapes (planets), new mechanics and more, coming up in Chisel 2!

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  1. Tiago Martins of Silva says:

    I must admit, I was totally wrong! But it was good … they have released the Chisel 2! I’ll be the first Chisel yesterday, and I want to reset the Chisel 2 soon, was just wondering … Will it have a multiplayer mode, or something like that? A secret character, as Hot Air 2? Apostoque will be awesome, thanks Nitrome there, I love you!

  2. Tobie says:

    Hi there πŸ˜€ *waves*

    And :O Chisel 2!

  3. kj says:

    is chisel 2 out yet? the first person said they released chisel 2… if they did, why can’t I see it? oh, I went skiing today πŸ™‚ it was fun yet hard:0 it was my first time.

    • NOBODY says:

      Nope. It isn’t released it. I when to the web address Chisel 2 will have,and I was redirected to the main Nitrome page. I haven’t gone Skiing. The closest I’ve gone to Skiing is tobogganing (sledding).

      • kj says:

        Skiing is very fun, but where there is an avalanch…. you turn into a penguin and avoid the tornado:3 I also looove sledding πŸ™‚ i live in illinois, so i get snow. My backyard has a nice hill, but it also had a pond…

  4. Mironar says:

    Nitrome posted an prewiew of how will the blog look with the comment option!

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