Facebook revamping

March 1, 2011

Nitrome has revamped their Facebook page, adding a little graphic to the left side of there page. The graphic is the bronze Nitrome logo  above  mugshots of Nitrome characters. We see there are 9 mugshots and all, and it seems that Canary 214-LE (main character in Canary) is sleeping on the Job.

Well, that graphic looks nice. Anyone notice the image in the at the end of the top row? The Black and White one? Could this possibly be a preview of an upcoming Nitrome game? Will I be right this time? Anyway, the Nitrome Blog has been fixed, with blog Glitches fixed, along with the Style Code for the blog being cleaned up. Speaking of  Blogs, Tom, who made the new blog, posted his first post, Informing everybody of the blog fixes. Also (thanks to Tobie), we now know what the blog looks like a millisecond before loading! Thanks Tobie! Your awesome! (click image to see it bigger)


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