Nitrome on Twitter! Preview of upcoming game?

Nitrome has recently, as of today, has joined Twitter, the popular networking site! As Mat announced on the newly updated Nitrome Blog, Blog Posts, along with other small things, will be posted on their Twitter page, in shortened Tweet speak! So everybody who has a Cellphone can get updates from Nitrome, on Twitter, via SMS. Also, Nitrome posted a piece of Artowrk on their Twitter page, of several Birds from Nitrome games (I posted the image below).

All of you who looked closely at the picture will notice, what I believe to be a cameo of characters from an upcoming Nitrome game! Notice the Light Blue Birds in the picture (minus the Fat Cat Owl)? Also, the avatar Nitrome picked is of a bronze Nitrome logo on a cloud. Could this be the second preview nitrome hinted in the last Friday post, and the one the  have meant to show us during the 4 week post-fest? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Update: The Blue Birds aren’t from a future Nitrome Game, but the Nitromized Twitter Birds. As for the Bronze Nitrome Logo, that’s probably a specially made logo for Nitrome’s Twitter avatar.


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  1. I’ve got to follow them on Twitter! =D

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