NEW Nitrome Blog! Upcoming Game! 20 Blog posts to come!

(Credit to Tobie)

Nitrome, after, what, 2 years, has finally updated the blog! No, no, no, they’ve posted new posts, they’ve just updated the look of the blog; and they post a full post to explain about it!  I’ll summarize it here: On the New Blog, navigate by pressing the buttons on the bottom Blog Bar (you can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse). Click the little arrow above the title of each post to ‘hide’ the post. A little ‘?’ box appears at the top of the bar, and no, you don’t hit it to obtain Mushrooms and Coins, but to figure out how to navigate the new blog.

Also, you can Tweet and share the Nitrome Blog Post on Facebook, and ‘keep’ it. It’ not really there to do anything, but produces  messages like “What did you actually expect to happen?”, “This is a useless link built entirely to entertain ourselves!”, “That’s not very social of you!” among other funny quotes. Buttons on the bottom Blog Bar allow for easy navigation of New Posts and Old Posts. Oh, I almost forgot! All this cool website stuff was provided by Tom, the  new web designer for Nitrome! Welcome to the Nitrome Crew Tom!

Nitrome also said that there may be some compatibility issues with the blog on other Browsers. They say that the Shrink Function does not work in Internet Explorer 6, as well as round corners will not appear around the content. They ask  to notify them of any other problems in any other browsers.  Next, Nitrome previewed an image of their upcoming game Test Subject Blue.

In the game, you control a blue blob testing out experiments for his master. It’s another platformer game,  I love platformers! Lastly, Nitrome announces that starting Monday February 28th, for 4 full weeks (exuding Saturdays& Sundays), Nitrome will publish a Blog Post every day for a week! All that fun stuff is going to come soon, and I can’t wait for it to come! Oh,  and sorry for posting late, stuff I had to do prevented me from coming on to the computer until now.


7 Responses to NEW Nitrome Blog! Upcoming Game! 20 Blog posts to come!

  1. Actually, what Nitrome really should do to their posts is archive them. It will make it easier for people to access specific posts if they want to view them again.

    Can’t wait to play Test Subject Blue =).

    • NOBODY says:

      I also can’t wait to play it! I had an idea in my head quite, similar to Test Subject Blue, in my head a year ago. It’s just a coincidence Nitrome’s Test Subject Blue is similar to my Nitrome Game Thought, or is it?

  2. kj says:

    are any of you on u tube?

  3. Tobie says:

    Nitrome announced official Nitrome Twitter:

    Shiny page *_*

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