Unexpected Release of Canary – NEW GAME!

You know the images I previewed a few days ago? Well the game’s been released – it’s called Canary! Control a Canary – not a penguin – as you try to navigate through a Mine on an asteroid. It doesn’t use the arrow keys, you use the mouse instead. Tobie was right, this game is a Side Scroller. I originally saw this game on Mimiclip when I was browsing today, and changed a URL from a nitrome game so I could get to the game on Nitrome.com.

Everybody will find this game fun, and its a break from the NES games (not that I don’t like the NES games).  The game seems to be a bit similar to The Bucket (which was released before Canary) . And, I can’t believe I’m the second person to play it on Nitrome.com, right after Chris on the High Score boards posted a score.  Oh, I almost forgot. The time this post was published, the Nitrome post for Canary was not up. Below are links to play the game.

Play Canary (Nitrome.com)


21 Responses to Unexpected Release of Canary – NEW GAME!

  1. james says:

    this isn’t realy comment but i have an idea, mabe you the creator of nitrome universe acn copy the newest skins on nitrome and paste them on your website.

    ps sorry if anything is mispelled because i’m only a 10 year old boy.

    • NOBODY says:

      Well, I can’t change the background for my site. I can only pick pre-made skins my blog hoster (WordPress) has made available.

  2. james says:

    that was soposed to say can

  3. Tobie says:

    Ofcourse I was right, lol x)

    And Chris is the programmer of this game, so you were actually the first one to play it!

    I was the first one to play Super Treadmill, only beaten by Jay, its artist ^^

    Oh, and Stefan Ahlin really got his own unique amazing art style! 😀

    • Tobie says:

      I played this game a bit now, I wish this would have been more like double edged: arrow key movement and no automatic scrolling :/

      And they should have saved the whole extra-terrestial mine theme for Dirk Valentine and the Martian Underworld imo, but I must admit, it’s a really cool theme 😀

  4. Mironar says:

    What? Horror level at the end of the Canary? I can’t believe this? Check ot Stefan Ahlin’s Facebook Page.On the Canary post,he said to Jon Annal and J.D.Smith that if you finish the last level you will unlock that level.On the same post,Markus Heinel said that he tried the level.Check it out here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000798245729&sk=wall

  5. kj says:

    good game, i hate scrolling!

  6. kj says:

    actually this is a hard game for me…. i was hoping it was platformer! also nitrome is taking so long on super feed me! :3 I hope it comes out next 🙂

  7. Strawberry says:

    It’s a pretty good game. 😀 By the way, did anyone thought of Dead Space when they were playing this game? When I saw the game sets place in a mining colony in Space where aliens are taking over it, my mind thought straight of Dead Space.
    Also, nice post! 🙂

  8. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    I just beat it. There is no horror level. Very good game, though.

  9. Mironar says:

    ByteJacker talked about Nitrome’s SuperTreadmill

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