Preview of Penguin Game

8 days ago a teaser for The Bucket was released. 1 Day ago The Bucket was released. Today, Nitrome releases another Teaser for a game. The Nitrome Team must be hard at work, because I have never seen a teaser for a game be releases this fast before! And as a treat, Nitrome teased us 2 images!

The game is Nitrome’s first platformer for the year, and boy am I happy becuase I love platformers! (And especially Shoot em’ up ones!) The game sets the player in a mine, destroying creatures and probably just trying to get to the end.

This game was hinted in the Ice Temple Skin, for all who didn’t see it. According to Jon on (hey, that rhymes), the game will be released very soon. Since “very soon” means quite soon, we should see this game in this week or the next.  So until then, you can play The Bucket, which should tide us all over till its release.


9 Responses to Preview of Penguin Game

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    The Bucket was released 2 days ago. But a thought I have come up with is that there are now three Previews active that still do not have their games released. They are Super Feed Me, the strategy game, and the penguin game. Another note, I believe that Super Feed Me holds the record for longest time span between preview and release.

  2. kj says:

    What about super feed me… Do you think that they quit progress on it? Here is what may have happened:
    1. They have ALOT of bugs that they need to fix.
    2. They just want it to be perfect.
    or 3. Apple refused to let it in the app store because they use flash and apple doesnt allow flash (they really don’t). I Check after and before school to see if it is out.

    • NOBODY says:

      Well, you can’t play Flash games on an iPod or iPhone right? Nitrome probably just wants everything to be perfect, debugging it, or still working on the level design and art.

      If I had an iPod/iPhone, I would definitely buy it. I would but it for fun, for Nitrome, and so I can finish the Template on the Nitrome Wiki.

      • Kj says:

        I see, I’m using an I phone to comment on this! Hey nice mobile site! Luv it! I’ll tell u when and if the super feed me comes out. I check frequently! Going to bed.. See u. For now..

    • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

      Flash does not work on an IPod Touch/IPhone. However, I am sure they realized this long ago (before 2010) and are making it a non-flash game. I agree with #2, as it will most likely be a paid for App, and they wouldn’t want to start their out-of-site debut on a low note.

  3. Jayem says:

    I’m really looking forward to this game. IMO, Nitrome’s best games have been their platformers (see Toxic 1 and 2, Final Ninja 1 and 2, Dirk Valentine, etc.) and so the fact that have a new one coming out is exciting. I just hope it doesn’t have any unnecessary gimmicks…

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