Jay is Games best of 2010 Nitrome nominees

I almost forgot! Jay is Games best of 2010 has started now, and 5 Nitrome games have been nominated. They are (category in brackets): Chisel (action or arcade) Fault Line (platform) Tiny Castle (platform) Rubble Trouble (puzzle) and Bullethead (shooter).

This year, voting will be a little different. This year you can vote for 1 game in each category, each day. This means you can vote for 4 of Nitrome’s games (Fault Line and Tiny Castle are in the same category) each day until the event is over. If we all do that every day (vote), we can give each Nitrome game 35 votes in a week, depending on how many people vote daily.

Click the links below to go to the game’s category and vote for it. And for the Platform category, decide whether you think Tiny Castle is better the Fault Line or Fault Line better the Tiny Castle.


4 Responses to Jay is Games best of 2010 Nitrome nominees

  1. Tobie says:

    Um I’m not going to vote for Nitrome games just because they’re made by Nitrome…

    I’m voting for ‘Hostile Spawn’ in the shooter category but I have yet to decide on the other categories 😛

    • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

      Same goes with me, but it turns out that I prefer the Nitrome games over the others, most likely because they are fun to play more than once. However, I will admit that I may be a little biased towards Nitrome.

  2. Mamba says:

    I like Nitrome game because of this cool wiki since I get to understand the game design and game play. I wish the wiki person who does this site would have a conference in Toronto since it would be great to meet some other nitrome and play together. Due to my contacts I would pay for having Lee Nicklen be a guest speaker. I would invite Heather Stancliffe too. Great site and thanks for the posts.

    • NOBODY says:

      Your welcome Mamba! Your being so generous paying for Heather and Lee; They would defiantly come. Maybe it might happen in the future.

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