New skin + The Bucket

Nitrome made our day happy today, and also revealed to us that the NES is real! Today Nitrome released a New skin – NES – and, The Bucket! The Skin is just so cool! In the skin, Nitrome teaches us that 2 + Apple = Penguin, a Raccoon in a Bucket is a Robotic Fish above, and many other things!

About The Bucket, you control the Robotic Fish Ship by guiding him with a Fish (which is the Cursor), and you have to get Raccoon safely to the end of he level. Anyway, more Nitrome fun is coming soon, as we can see from the background.

I find The Bucket concept good, and I we’ll be seeing  more of this creativity in the future! So until then…

Play the Bucket


18 Responses to New skin + The Bucket

  1. Mamba says:

    Was it difficult controlling the fish ship or was it easy? If the bucket concept could get an upgrade what would this look like? Your Fan from Florida

  2. This was the game that was hinted in that Ice Temple Skin, right? (the one with that creature and the air fish somewhere in the background)

    I just tried it, and to me, it was just okay. It is kind of frustrating, but I think I got the concept of it =). Personally, I like how these NES games are all coming out on, and if NES isn’t real, Nitrome sure does a good job of making things up. (But I’m pretty sure NES existed, some time ago…)


    • Tobie says:

      Ofcourse the NES existed, but NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System, not for Nitrome Enjoyment System 🙂

      The Nitrome Enjoyment System itself it obviously made up, I think Jay D. Smith and Ignatus Zuk just came up with the idea to make a couple of small ‘retro’-games ^^

  3. Matzac12345 says:

    The skin doesn’t have 52 in 6! (IT might possibly be the controller one)

  4. Mironar says:

    Hey!With the release of The Bucket,the Nitrome main games list reached the fourth page! Yay!

  5. Kj says:

    Hey… If the nes is fake… they could be making it… Just think……. Maybe they are in progress of making a game system… Currently they could be pulling our peaches. They may release a nes to the public. Also, the penguin is from avalanch. A little proof of non exestince. Also on s. Treadmill and bucket, did you ever read the startup, after the nitrom startup? Is says stuff strange the buckets game says stuff like no raccoons were harmed, or just ignore what u just read! Who would like th…. Nevermind in the followup comments say the number you wish. Choices:
    1– that would be cool but I think that will never happen.
    2—pulling our peaches?
    3—- I wrote this right after school when I’m usually crazy.
    4— no comment…
    Please write the number of a comment. Tobie and nobody please answer. No not nobody, I mean the person nobody. Thanks!

    • NOBODY says:


      Nitrome to release a console would not be likely, although it would be cool if they did.

      • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:


        If the NES was just uncovered as they said it was, then how did they come up with Sky Serpents, Final Ninja, and Pixel Pop without remembering the NES?

  6. Mironar says:

    The Cuboy Game looks very similar to Kirby =P

  7. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    There is a new preview on the blog. It’s the one form the Ice Temple Skin.

  8. Mironar says:

    And also,the Jay is Games Awards started!

  9. Tobie says:

    Ooh that new preview… the game looks great :D!

    And guess who informed Nitrome about the “Best of Casual Gameplay 2010”? 😛

    Well… I think it was me… but they didn’t reply on the e-mail I sent :<

  10. kj says:

    They never reply to any of my e-mails! I have sent about 5. Can anyone tell me why? I have sent one about 4 weeks ago and still has no come back.

    • NOBODY says:

      I don’t know what could have happened, since I don’t use Email. Below are some of the possible reasons.
      1 – Nitrome’s reply is going into Spam.
      2 – The Email is marked as read.
      3 – Maybe your experiencing a problem that prevents emails form coming in.
      4 – The people at Nitrome are working hard and can’t answer Emails.

      Those are all the possibilities I can think of. There may be more I could have thought of if I used Email, but since I don’t, those are the only ones I can think of.

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