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(Credit to Tobie)

Remember the Teaser Image Mat showed in that Nitrome Blog & Facebook post? Remember a bigger image of the Teaser image I showed here? Well, that game is still in production. About a month ago, on a site (I don’t know which site it was on), Aaron Steed posted an update on the Strategy game. It shed some light on what the game would be about (Tobie found the below quote).

“At work at Nitrome I’ve been working on a beast of a game. It’s been months in the making, and has changed my workflow to resemble something more like MVC. One of the big problems in the Actionscript mindset is extending DisplayObjects. You lose control of the rendering. By shifting over to a pure copyPixels model that’s separate from your object updates you get full visual control and you no longer have to waste time updating objects simply because they’re wired into Flash’s rendering model.

The gameplay of the game I can’t go into, but here’s the screenshot we released on Facebook and the Nitrome Blog:


It’s the first RTS by Nitrome. I honestly thought I hated the genre, but I’ve discovered that RTSs are fantastic fun to code and my homework (Plant vs Zombies, StarCraft 2, Eufloria) have converted me to the cause. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a franchise.”

So, the quote revealed some things. First, its going to be a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, like Starcraft 2, Plants vs Zombies, games like that. As I read on Wikipida, RTS games have no Turns. Second is…. is…. oh wait, there is no second.

The little thing that says Clicky  was, on the website it was originally from, supposed t link to the smaller image  of the gameplay (which you can see here ). So, is this game going to be the first Nitrome game of 2011? Second? Third?

Well, I honestly think it’s probably  going to be the second or third. But what’s going to be the first game of 2011? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.


6 Responses to More info on previewed game

  1. Mafi says:

    Hey, I found this and it looks like it was the inspiration to the game we saw preiwes on:

    • Tobie says:

      Wow nice find :O It looks almost exactly the same!

      How did you find that though? (Are you an undercover nitrome employee? O.o!)

      • Mafi says:

        I program tiny games etc in my spare time and after googling for some inspiration I found that site. I liked the ideas and so I looked closer and found this.

  2. kj says:

    i bet so! lol! Get the app game dev story if you want to be the owner of your own game company! I named mine nitrome unlimited and its cool! I have made almost 40 games and they are popular. Maybe i could really work for nitrome…….(dreams of the good times i will have with all the cool software, music, trees, and even….. POTATOES!!!!!)

    • NOBODY says:

      kj, for me to get the “app”, do I have to have an iPod or iPhone? Because I don’t have any of those. But if I can downlaod it an play it on the computer, I can do that.

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