Rush Updated

According to Mat, Rush has been updated, as he said in the Nitrome Blog post on the 23rd of December. Rush now has a Highscore Table, which was not available before.

Race Mode has been tweaked, as to get rid of the awful cannot-switch-gravity-glitch, and Eliminator Mode has been fixed.  I haven’t seen anything wrong with Eliminator Mode, so I don’t know what has been fixed.

Since it has been fixed, Race mode is a lot easier to complete, and I guess Eliminator Mode is easier to. So, want to get on the high scores? Go and play!



4 Responses to Rush Updated

  1. Mironar says:

    Lyngo Games site is refreshed.Now you can play some of the Nitrome games on Lyngo!

  2. Tobie says:

    Aaron posted this on a website a month ago:

    “At work at Nitrome I’ve been working on a beast of a game. It’s been months in the making, and has changed my workflow to resemble something more like MVC. One of the big problems in the Actionscript mindset is extending DisplayObjects. You lose control of the rendering. By shifting over to a pure copyPixels model that’s separate from your object updates you get full visual control and you no longer have to waste time updating objects simply because they’re wired into Flash’s rendering model.

    The gameplay of the game I can’t go into, but here’s the screenshot we released on Facebook and the Nitrome Blog:


    It’s the first RTS by Nitrome. I honestly thought I hated the genre, but I’ve discovered that RTSs are fantastic fun to code and my homework (Plant vs Zombies, StarCraft 2, Eufloria) have converted me to the cause. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a franchise.”

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