Round Up of the year

Ah yes, the year is almost over. In less then 14 hours, 2011 will be among us. So, I thought I would write a round up of the year. Yup. Usually, when other sites do this, they put up a Banner, like with 2010 on it.

I can’t do this because I do not have enough time. Anyway, I think it’s about time I go on with the Round Up.


(I have omitted the Ice Breaker 3 things as they are about stuff released in the past year)

Ah, were about to charge in right to this year again. Anyway, on January 7th, Nitrome announces there games that were nominated for Jay is Games Casual Game thing.

Cave Chaos, Double Edged, Flash Cat, Ice Breaker , Final Ninja Zero, Twin Shot 2, Graveyard Shift, and Castle Corp. And not soon after that (like 5 Minutes) , Nitrome released a poll; “Which game would you most like a sequel for?” being the topic.

On the 19th, Tar Cup is released for BC Bow Contest. After the Jay is Games thing, Ice Breaker come back victorious, wining best  Physics game of 2009. After much waiting, we get a brick breaking game to excite Nitrome fans – Rubble Trouble, the hard yet fun game you can release your anger on.


February the 3rd was when the results of the pole were released. The Cable Car Classic (CCC) came in third, only to be eaten by the  before dinner game at 12% – Square Meal.

Although the the game with the Fly-Trap-in-the-pot – Feed Me – came in 11%, 1% less then Square Meal it; sharing the same spot with Twin Shot, it spawned a “Touching” sequel the next month.

The most popular Physics game, Ice Breaker, scored 9%, guess the Vikings took a vacation from there rise to fame in February. Off the Rails got 10%, Scribble  coming in last at 3%. But who was the real winner of the poll – Double Edged!

February 9th was the day all the English and American celebrities showed there faces in bean form. Finally, on the 23rd, Rustyard was nominated for the Mochis!


March was a month of Traveling Nitrome Bros. – Mat & Jon Annal. The 2 bros. went to San Fransisco where they would do a talk on how there office went from Bedroom to a Medium Sized Office, the Nitrome Story, taking place on the 8th.

Nominated on the 23rd of Feb., Rustyard wins the award for Best Puzzle Game at the Flash Game Summit. And on the same day, a sneak peek of the upcoming game for the iPod and iPod touch is revealed – Super Feed Me!

About 48 (2 Days) after the reports from the Summit, we get Nitrome’s first RPG, Blast RPG.


Nitrome is hard at work developing games, since they probably fell back after the Flash Summit adventure. Anyway, we get a game which wuold be perfect for the DS – Tiny Castle! And finally, the first skin for ’10, Factory, is lunched on the 8th.


May was like April, no  other-then-game blog updates, just game. We get to Dig it in Chisel on the 2nd, then protect the planet from hostile aliens in Bullethead on the 13th.


Little things happened in June, like the release of the what was considered one of Nitrome’s most ingenious game- Fault Line!


June is the month of doom for many Nitrome fans. With the release of Ribbit on 14th, it seems the great gamepression has begun.

The release of Worm Food on the 23rd partly restored Nitrome’s reputation, but will it be enough for the coming months?


August begins the 2 month drought, the drought of no games. Nirome fans count the days of no game, hoping Nitrome will not pass a month without a game. The 17th was when Mat announces that a interview with Nitrome on Gamasutra has been done.


Good things happened in September. On the 17th, Mat announces that a problem on the website that prevented blog posts to be published was fixed. On the same day, link posts a link to another interview with Nitrome on Gamespy, and his brother,   Jon, shows a Sneak Peek of a in production game.

Mat, 2 days later, announces that Bullethead has won Internet Game of the Month in the British Magazine Edge. And finally, something to tide there fans over, Squawk was released on the 29th.


Nitrome restored their reputation with the release of the flying platformer game Temple Glider on the 8th, and the release of the serpent slaying game, Sky Sepents! Along with the best of Dave Cowens music in the game!


November 9th was the release of the great puzzle platformer game Enemy 585, along with all the Mario references. In a response to Emails by Fans, Checkpoints were added 3 days later to the game, to satisfy the Fans request.’

And, ready for some Retro gaming? Nitrome shows us the allegedly made ’80’s console, the Nitrome Enjoyment System on the 15th, releasing Super Treadmill on November 19th, a game allegedly ported from the console.


The year is almost over. December 6th marked the launch of the Ice Temple Skin. Nitrome satisfied are craving for a Winter game on the 1oth, with the release of Bad Ice-Cream.

And less then a week later, the Papercraft section on the Nitrome Shop opens up, allowing paper versions of Enemy 585 characters to be printed out and folded, so everyone can make there own 3-Dimensional Nitrome characters. 2 Days before Christmas, and before John Kennedy missed his flight, Nitrome released a Racing game.


So. Was 2010 a good year for Nitrome? It was good, not as good as previous years, but good. 2011 is almost upon us, with lots of Nitrome gaming in the New Year. So for all of you celebrating New Years tomorrow…

Have a Happy New Year!


6 Responses to Round Up of the year

  1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too. Is the New Year upon you yet? Apparently, you posted this entry at 8:23 pm on New Year’s Eve. The New Year must be upon you now.

    • NOBODY says:

      Actually, the New Year hasn’t come yet. Its 4:39 here at the time I posted this message. I, sadly, have run out of computer time, I am only aloud 2 hours on the Computer, and I used up all of that writing the above post.

  2. kj says:

    wow great job! i only joined nitrome in september so i dont know when everything else came out… for me its 5:33 and im getting ready!!! I got an app called game dev story. I named my bisness nitrome unlimited and i created many games. At the game awards my game was awarded worst game of the year!?! thats a disgrace to nitrome. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! get the app!

  3. Tobie says:

    Great job Nobody!

    @kj, Joined Nitrome? As in working for them? :O

  4. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Just to avoid confusion: Though Nitrome’s blog post for Chisel was released on May 2, the game was actually release on April 29.

    Good roundup! You seem to have hit everything that happened on Nitrome this year.

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