(Credit to IUHoosiersFan)

Enemy 585 is known for its Mario references. Nintendo released a game called Paper Mario. Today, Nitrome released made a new page in there shop – called Papercraft.

Now, you can make a paper version of Turner, Squish Block (what I before called Crusher Block), and Enemy 585! All you need is a Printer (colour Printer) Paper, Glue, Scissors, and something to print the design on (Nitrome recommends Card for best results, but it also works on usual paper).

Well, its something you can get off Nitrome, and make. It also says “Younger users may require help or supervision from an adult”. Since I can’t even start up the printer, I guess I need help.

Anyway, the Print-outs are available on the index page  of the Papercraft page. To get to the page, click Mouth-E, the PR (Paper Resources) Manager.



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