Bad Ice-Cream

Eaten an Ice Cream before? Even had a Bad Ice Cream? Well Nitrome shows waht a Bad Ice-Cream can do in their newest game  – Bad Ice-Cream! Control a Ice Cream on his quest to get fruit.

I just started playing the game, and probably the first to play it. I’m guessing this is a Ported NES game. The Music is superb! But it hasn’t past Lee Nicklens Cold Storage title screen music.I’m playing level 1 now.

So, wanna play? Play it by clicking Linky (below)!



13 Responses to Bad Ice-Cream

  1. goniloc says:

    You spelt what wrong

  2. Tobie says:

    Great game, Great music, and Great difficulty curve! I just completed it, definitely one of my favorite games now ^.^


  3. Tobie says:

    Oh btw Nobody, Bad Ice-Cream is NOT a NES game, so please remove the false info from the Nitrome Wiki. Also, that SpaceScape image is NOT from an upcoming Nitrome game! It’s just art that Jon Annal made years ago but it has nothing to do with Nitrome!

    • NOBODY says:

      About Bad Ice Cream. It is a NES game. Here is what points it is NES: 1) Graphics 2) Title Screen 3) Menu 4) Nitrome logo in Credits section

      About Spacescape: I didn’t write it was upcoming. And… it is? Oh my gosh. Deleting those articles will… drop the wiki down to 1,012 articles! Oh well.

      • Tobie says:

        It’s not a NES game!

        1) There’s no NES Intro (Like in Super Treadmill!)

        2) It’s not mentioned on the NES Promotional posters!

        3) It’s not mentioned in both the Facebook and Blog announcements that it’s a NES game…

        4) The graphics look way better than NES-game graphics and there are no visual effects that show how old and dusty the game is!

        It’s just not a NES game :X

  4. Bad ice-cream is a fun game! And I agree, the music is awesomeness. 🙂

  5. I just noticed in the shop section that there is a freebies spot. Be sure to update that to your blog if you haven’t already.

  6. NOBODY says:

    Here is my explanation for all you said.
    1) No NES intro
    1.1) They probably didn’t want to receive any criticism about the NES, so they left it out
    1.2) They thought fans would get bored of the NES intro
    2) Not mentioned in the NES promotional posters.
    2.1) Aaron Steed said they ported 14 of the games. We only know 8. Possibly Bad Ice-Cream is one of the 14?
    3) Not mentioned its a NES game on Facebook & Blog
    3.1) There was no reason to mention it. Players would assume it was NES by the graphics, title screen, menu etc.
    4) Graphics look way better then NES-game graphics. no visual effects that show how old and dusty it was.
    4.1) It still has the same pixally graphics. And the visual graphics (AF screen, Lag) from Treadmill were added.

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