New Skin?

There is a new skin on… so says Jayem. Jayem  told me there is a new skin on All excited, I rushed over to, and to my dismay, the New Skin wasn’t there. I checked everywhere, even on the Skin page of Sadly, it wasn’t there.

This is probably because my computer takes a long time to show new things when going to It’s probably going to be out some other time today, but if any of my fellow readers do see it, please post in the comment and tell me what its like (or just post that its on

Update: It’s up


4 Responses to New Skin?

  1. bamseper says:

    i can see it and its called “ice temple”

  2. Jayem says:

    Hi, I’m Jayem but I don’t know why you say I’m ‘Secret Bob’ on the Nitrome Wiki, I’ve never heard that name before…

    • NOBODY says:

      Oh, sorry. When you left a comment on Nitrome Universe, it was close to the time “Bob” left left me a message that a new skin had been released on

  3. Jayem says:

    Oh okay, no worries. 😀

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