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Like 5 minutes after I posted the below post, the Skin was released… Ice Temple! In the Ice Temple skin, we see all the Nitrome characters having a jolly good time on the ice.
We see some familiar faces from previous games, and others from soon-to-come-out games. We see Billy from the recently released Super Treadmill training on a Treadmill, lets hope he can jump over that Ice Block!

Over near a poll of icy water, we see that the Young Norse Warrior is still trying to beat his dad’s record, hopefully he doesn’t miss Christmas trying to slay that Serpent. Next, we see 2 Triclopians with nothing better to do then shoot Temple-Gliding Birds

Along with several familiar faces in the Skin, we also see several unknown ones. The first one being an odd looking smiley machine in the water below the Sky Serpent. The next one being an… creature with the body of an ice cream swirl?

We also see 2 tank like machines fighting, probably signifying the Strategy Game is probably finished and ready to be released. Last year we had Penguins on sleds, but now a Penguin with Hard hats and a jetpack? Possibly hinting a Rubble Trouble sequel (I hope so!).

In the midst of all the fun in the Ice Temple, a lone fox on top of his Frosty Fishy Treat watches all the fun. Last but not least of the Unknown Characters, we have 3 Speedy runners running up to the core of the temple, running to the goal held by the Fault Line Robot.

Could all these unknown characters mean new games? Nitrome Enjoyment System games? They sure do! Its only a matter of time until the games – featuring these characters – are released.


7 Responses to Ice Temple… New Skin from

  1. That one Icebreaker Viking standing on the outside has not been seen yet in any of the three Icebreaker games. All I can say is it seems there are going to be quite a few winter games this year… hopefully.

  2. Mironar says:

    Actualy is a viking from the Raven Clan

  3. Matzac12345 says:

    I wonder what the other 5 NES games are?
    *Super Treadmill
    *The Bucket
    *52 in 6
    *Pixel Bros.
    *Bad Ice Cream

  4. Matzac12345 says:

    And here’s a list of all the games that don’t appear in skins:
    *Skywire VIP
    *Castle Corp
    *Double Edged
    *Power Up
    *Gift Wrapped
    *Cosmic Cannon

  5. Matzac12345 says:

    Wait double edged appears in Factory Skin!

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