Snow, Snow, let it snow!

The Christmas season is right upon us – and its jut December 1st. Where did the year go? Anyway, I found out A new way to add snow to my blog. It may prevent some people from coming onto my blog, but if that happens, I’ll turn it off. I plan to add a new picture to the top of the site (where it says “Nitrome Universe”). Anyway, I hope everybody has a good time during this festive season.


7 Responses to Snow, Snow, let it snow!

  1. No way! I love the snow on your blog. Is it snowing where you live?

  2. bamseper says:

    ho ho merry cristmas!!!
    and the snow is cool

  3. kj says:

    Nitrome universe is like the only nitrome blog that usually posts at least 3 times a month. Really its the only blog. love the snow. When will the super feed me come out? Do you have any other news about it? please answer 😀

    • NOBODY says:

      Hello kj! I’m happy you like my blog. Anyway, the only news I know about Super Feed Me is the news I’ve posted a while back. Anyway, I truly think its going to come out next year. But until Nitrome announces more new, that is all I know.

  4. Jayem says:

    There is a new Winter skin for out…

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