Super Treadmill!

Yes. I admit defeat. I now know that the Nitrome Enjoyment System is real. And anyway, I’m not in tears. I’m HAPPY! Nitrome released one of their NES games, one that brings back memories (for Nitrome). Its called Super Treadmill (you probably already know that)!

Control a kid called Billy who strives to get his weight down, and become famous! And to do that, he has to run every day on a treadmill. Its a life-or-death situation for Billy, but with the help of his coach – Uncle  Rico, he may just get what he wants.

I actually love the music for this, I haven’t heard music this good since Cold Storage!  And the gameplay is ingenious, I haven’t seen gameplay this  good since…well…Squawk.

Anyway the game is fun, and quite addicting. So, what are you waiting for? Click Linky below to play (the happy U)!



5 Responses to Super Treadmill!

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    I am now on the last level of the game, I cannot find a way to beat it. I mean, I can survive for an infinite amount of time, but I can’t ‘beat’ it.

  2. storeguy77 says:

    It’s cool how they can turn a game with old graphics and gameplay in such an addicting game. I hope they put more Nitrome Enjoyment System games in the site.

  3. Jayem says:

    You do realise the Nitrome Enjoyment System never existed, right? They made it up….

  4. Mamba says:

    Dear Mr. Nobody:
    You may have written in another blog how much you may have enjoyed the book by the late Dr. Randy Pausch- The Last Lecture. Have you tried the Alice programming environment since it’s supposed to be easy to help with game design. When are you having the Nitrome appreciation conference in Toronto and inviting your blog visitors to a free buffet and lots o gaming? Perhaps u can reach out to Mr. Mat and Ms. Heather to find out when they’re in town and coordinate?
    Whose da man! Nobody is da man!

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