Nitrome Laugh-Out-Loud System

You probably heard my saying how the NES was fake.  Well, it is. I heard me say that 50 times now. Well before I had not proof. I now have proof, and some funny proof it is! On the left flap of the box is the proof. Its hard to read, but this is what I got out: (NOTE: “_” means I couldn’t find out what the word was. Not swearing)

For Ages 30 and Downwards

1984 Nitrome Inc. MADE IN CHINA

All rights reserved. Nitrome and associated trademarks and

trade dress owned my Nitrome inc. all games are made up on the spot by a Nitrome artist and probably do not actually exist.

Son this is a so_ll lent, don’t strain your eyes trying to read this. It’s just as BORING as it looks.

So, that’s it. I may have gotten some words wrong, but that’s all the words there are. Good job Nitrome for giving us a good puzzle!



2 Responses to Nitrome Laugh-Out-Loud System

  1. Tobie says:

    New NES game! Super Treadmill! (:

    Lookie! First one to play after Jay. D. Smith himself!

  2. Jayem says:

    Super Treadmill is awesome! I hope these NES-style games are good. Assuming they do the ones featured on the NES box they made, ‘Ninja’ should be a parody of the best ever Nitrome game IMHO, Final Ninja.

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