Checkpoints + Debug Mode

Enemy 585 was just released a 3 days ago, the fun Mario like game. But after its release, Emails flooded Nitrome’s inbox, most of them on the Topic – We want Checkpoints! As we all know, (and Nitrome’s told us a couple times) Nitrome actually looks at our Emails. In the end, we all got what we want – Checkpoints!

I never Emailed Nitrome, and I never got angry there were no Checkpoints, but it seems that most of us are overjoyed to hear this. The checkpoint in the above picture is the pole with the grey head at the top of the image. And with the addition of Checkpoints, the game is now much easier… but that was really short lived.

Everybody would think Checkpoints wold solve everything in the game, they however didn’t! The game-hardening glitches were still not fixed, and the glitches can really get people like me angry on the last level on the game.

That is why I have spent 10 Minutes to find how to get ride of glitches when you encounter them. Since most of the glitches are harmful, I knew this guide would really help. Sadly, it doesn’t fix the “Invisible Barrels” glitch, but it does fix all the other ones.

  • When any glitch happens, press the pause button (||), then click continue. This should fix all glitches.

Okay, its small, but it fixes all the glitches. and, I completed the game! I even got on the highscores! I’ll be making a video on the ending soon. Hope this helps everyone!




3 Responses to Checkpoints + Debug Mode

  1. Mironar says:

    Dave Cowen composed the music for “Double Panda”,a game created by a game site named Neutronized.

  2. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    Well I’m still on the scores list. But I wish they didn’t release the checkpoints. I beat it before they released them, and I’m glad I did. Before, the difficulty had the feel of the older games, such as Hot Air, Dangle, Nanobots, etc. Also, this is the first game since Blast RPG that had taken me longer than a day to complete.

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