Super Nitrome Bros

Finally, after…18 days, Nitrome released. Super Nitrome Bros Enemy 585! I guessing everybody at the Old Fire House (where nitrome games are made) have been playing New! Super Mario Bros DS for the past month, since this game is very similar.

Control Player Blocks (the happy blocks) as you try to get enemy 585 (the angry purple frog who was spared by mario Brown bearded man) out of the odd Nintendo DS world.

When I started the game, only 3 people had played it! The intro was weird, and the game was a bit hard, but I have got the hang of it.

What is very odd is how the intro is a parody of the last level in New! Super Mario Bros DS (yes. I have completed the game on my Siblings DS), even the boss fight (The purple frog king representing Bowser).

So what are you waiting for (probably to read the post on Facebook)? Click the link below to play the game. And who knows, maybe Nitrome might make a first person shooter like Metroid Prime!

Click here to play the game.

(NOTE: The strikethrough lettering was deliberate)


2 Responses to Super Nitrome Bros

  1. Tobie says:

    I just received this e-mail from mat! 🙂

    Hi Tobie,

    I will pass on your welcome to John!

    The game needs to be slow to give less able players more time. There is a never an ideal in these things as people have different levels of skill but we put the speed up key there to try and appease that….it was actually quite a lot of work to make everything run at double speed! If we had another stab at the concept we would probably try to add checkpoints…..they didn’t work in this version because we added elements that do reappear such as crumble blocks. If we avoided those though or replaced them for another element we could add this and that would probably alleviate the frustration factor quite a bit of waiting for the character. We also dabbled with the idea of making + and – toggles to turn it on and off all the time so you don’t have to hold it on but again that would be for another update.



  2. nitromefan1 says:

    Nitrome don’t make their games at the old fire station anymore, they have moved twice since then.

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