new-new-new,new,new – Game!

Credit to Mironar Today, Nitrome released a new game! Sky Serpents! A great game that I love! Nitrome seems to be releasing some great games lately!

You control a Young Norse Warrior who wants to beat his father’s Serpent Slaying Record. His father hopes he doesn’t get killed, and lets him go. The objective in-game is to hit all the purple fleshy “weak-points” on the serpent. What some may not like is the high amount of purple blood that flies out of the beast when a weak point is hit.

Nitrome finally came out of the “Great Gamepression” and into the good years! I will be working on this game when I finish making the articles for Frost Bite.

Play the game here!

P.S: I know the game was released yesterday, but I was unable to finish this blog post yesterday (had to go to bed).


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  1. bamseper says:

    new game on nitrome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its just like mario

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