Slow Week

Yes, I’m still alive. Its bee a very slow week for news. My viewers are probably coming to my blog with anticipation of a new blog post. Sadly, nothing new has happened on Nitrome. Its almost 2 weeks since the release of Temple Glider. I’ve been editing the Nitrome Encyclopaedia a lot, putting up clear pictures about things from Frost Bite and Temple Glider.

So, if you want to read about hazards, pick ups, interactive objects, and see clear pictures about things from games, visit the Nitrome Encyclopedia! I have finished writing about everything in Temple Glider, so if you want clear images about things from the game, visit the Template.


2 Responses to Slow Week

  1. Mironar says:

    New game! Sky Serpents! By Markus Heinel(look very similar to Worm Food!)

  2. goniloc says:

    New game that is fun fun fun! Sky serpents! Finally, a break from crap like worm food!

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