More Music!

Guess what! Nitrome added 45 more tracks  of music to there web site! Thats almost double the amount they added last time (24).

The new-tunes they added are (all games have 2 tracks unless I say anything)… Avalanche, Small Fry, Blast RPG, Twang, Knuckleheads, Final Ninja Zero, Double Edged, Tiny Castle, Cave Chaos, Skywire 2 (3 Tracks!), Magneboy, In the Doghouse, Space Hopper, Castle Corp, Rustyard, Bomba, Toxic 2, Onekey, Mutiny, and Twin Shot.

So if you want to hear some great music from Nitrome, and the music for the game has come out, now seems to be a great time to buy it! At only $0.99 a song (no, I don’t know if it’s American priced), you can get your favorite Nitrome music right now!

So if you want to get your music, click the Shop link.


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  1. Mironar says:

    A new game!Squawk by Jon Annal,Aaraon Steed and Dave Cowen. (Check on their Facebook Page0

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