A bigger picture of the action!

This image was found on Nitrome’s Facebook and thanks to Tobie, all of us could get a better picture of what the “Mystery Game” would be.

(Click the pic for a bigger version)

What does it look like now? It looks like the Mustaches got tired of getting their flag criticized as 2 boots and remade it as the Nitrome Site Favicon (the little pink face you see when visiting  nitrome.com). And it seems to be that the Gears got tired at being laughed at when there enemies said “Oooh. I’m going to get destroyed by gears”.

From the picture we see now, we can only guess that this game takes place in war torn London and the Nitrome Square faced people have come out of hiding.We also see a cat robot, a Guard from Dirk Valentine, and the Numbskull skeleton’s bro. all buried in the ground.

This game is probably going to be released next week (or if were lucky – tomorrow!).


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