Mystery Game!

All of you were probably checking the Nitrome website twice a day, hoping a new game would come up. Well, the wait is over! After almost going over 2 months game-less, Mat’s brother posts a preview post for an upcoming game.So what could it be? Boots vs Gears: The Tank-with-the-big-tread-wars? Gear Wars: Attack of the Boots? looks like a strategy game to me. So if you all are dying for a nitrome game, this one should be released soon! Like tomorrow or next week.

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6 Responses to Mystery Game!

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    The image looks awesome. The feel of the game makes be unable to wait.

    But, this isn’t necessarily their next game. They should release a game in the next 1-3 days, but it might not be this one.

  2. I wuodln’t think that they would preview a game they wern’t going to releses next. That would be pretty great if they released a game having nothing to do with this one.

  3. Strawberry says:

    This game looks cool. I think it will have a level editor as they said they would include one in a future game, plus all this waiting time is probably for it… either that or another cool feuture…

  4. Actually, now that you mention it, it looks like it might include Level Editors.

  5. Matacorn says:

    Awesome! My computer’s not processing nitrome very well, so I can still play, but I can’t access themain page. I want to know the second it comes out!
    PS. I think it’s a moustache more than a boot

    • When the game comes out, try playing on Miniclip (if it’s there). Your lucky you can still play the Nitrome Games on the website (I have the opposite problem, I can access the main page but most of the time not play the games)

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