Shop is Open!

(credit to bamseper for telling me)

Remember that little link between Games and Blog?  That little link saying “Shop”? Ever since the Nitrome website was put up, that little link was darkened. Now, 3 years later…the link lives!

I’m  not joking! The shop is open! Yes! Now you can buy Lee’s and Dave’s music (at $0.99 a song) ! And…and.. well just buy there music; for now. The music list isn’t complete yet (listing only 10 out of 70 games), but Nitrome will complete it!

There is even a link to buy Mochicoin stuff (but only for Nitrome games that had it). There’s even a link to Super Feed Me, but it’s sadly not available for purchase.

So if you wanted to buy Lee’s and Dave’s music,  you can now!

Click here to go to the shop!


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