Worm Food

Mat: Heather! Everybody hates Ribbit! There saying things like “It’s so Hard”, “I hate it!’! We need something to restore our reputation!

Heather: Um…. your not in work.

Mat: I’m on Vacation.

Heather: Well maybe we should release are latest game.

Mat: Is it finished?

Heather: Yes it is. We finished it days after Ribbit.

Mat: Well then lets release it. Anything to restore are Reputation. And why don’t we let Markus do the blog post.

Heather: Okay.


Finally a new game! Nitrome probably heard are cries about Ribbit, and gave us Worm Food! Control a Worm, the last of his species, on his quest for vengeance against the Stone Tribe for destroying his species.

You control a worm and have to devour all the little tiny natives, and boy is it fun to do so. We see the return of Ignat Zuk and everybody’s favorite pixel artist – Markus!

And we even get to hear Lee’s wonderful Music once again (instead of Dave). Another wonderful Nitrome masterpiece!

So click Here to play, or click here to see the blog post.


8 Responses to Worm Food

  1. snowk says:

    im sorr but ive lost my respect for nitrome because of hte last two games. ribbit was thier worst yet with those horribly pillow shaded things in the bg. also it wasn’t really that fun. so what do they do? they try and redeem themselves with a complete rip! anyone who is thinking about playing this, go play death worm and tell me this isn’t a rip. sigh. oh nitrome, you used to hav such original ideas, but im afraid you hav gone down hill. please dont take this as hate mail i would just like for it to go back to how it used to be. even if it means taking more time on the games. please guys dont let me down

  2. I know. I almost felt like leaving Nitrome too.

  3. Kate Ashley says:

    At last! A Nitrome game with all the magic we love!
    x Love it

  4. Adam Cuerden says:

    People didn’t like Ribbit? I thought it was great.

  5. It was hard because it was very difficult to move the character. It wasn’t until my sibling showed me how to play it that I got past the first level.

  6. Black Mamba says:

    Hi Nobody. I like your Nitrome universe. Do you have a background in game design? I have siblings that help me with moving through various levels. You mentioned previously that you’ve hired a project manager who is connected to Heather and Lee on linked in. This is cool. Have a great August 2010.

  7. Ribbit’s hard, but sort of fun. I always get the character stuck in a tough position. And I’m just wondering, but what makes Lee better than Dave as musicians?

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