What would you want to see?

I don’t have that much viewers on my blog (Yesterday was the only day in a week when I got more than 15 views), and I wanted to boost that. So I thought of the next best thing…what new page would you like to see?

I’ve thought of posting a big gallery of things (Enemies, Hazards, Interactive Object, that sort of stuff) into one page. But then I wanted to know my viewers opinion.

Tell me in the comments what new page you’d want to see?


9 Responses to What would you want to see?

  1. bamseper says:

    a gallery can be cool!
    and i like your blog=)

  2. Gallery coming up!

  3. Actually I don’t have time now to make it, but I’ll eventually make the page.

  4. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    A gallery of the stuff you mentioned would be nice. And I too like your blog.

  5. Well I’ll get to work on that when I have the time.

    Thanks for coming!

  6. rafael says:

    hi is very cool your blog.There should be more nitrome fansites around. I feel you got a great idea with the gallery and maybe try some fan made stuff about some caracther to make look cool another idea i see in other fan sites of other games are collecting interviews or making forums and walkthroughs.Hope that help and tell you i will come around to see your blog more times to support.(sorry about my english i’am not native english speaker)

  7. Thanks for the idea rafael. Your English is very good for a not native speaker. I have written walkthroughs for the Nitrome Wiki and may post them here. I may try the Fan Made stuff idea since it sound like a good way to see other stuff then Nitrome. But I am afraid I cannot include a forum because I will have to moderate several comments everyday. I am busy right now, but will eventually get to them.

  8. Matzac12345 says:

    A gallery of characters that don’t appear in games.

  9. Okay Matzaca12345. I’ll work on that when I got time.

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