Nitrome Released a new game today! Bullethead! Control you little gun headed guy as you defend the city!

It is actually a hard game. But the Tiny Creature is cute! And we see the return of  Lee! And a New person called Stuart who did the Programming!

And the return of Markus!I’m only on Level 1 at the moment (I’m in a rush!)

Click here to play Bullethead!

(NOTE: This game 1st appeared on Miniclip)


3 Responses to Bullethead!

  1. Black Mamba says:

    Hi Nitrome Blog Master: Your blog is fantastically cool. Your colors are vibrant. Your posts are esoteric. Please continue with the fantastic work that you are doing. I have my own blog but I am always running out of time in making contributions. If it was possible that you can share your scheduling secrets as to how you stay on track with maintaining your blog from a time management perspective, I’d really appreciate it. I’m sending you greetings from the Caribbean. If you have your own sailing boat come join me sometime for a fantastic regatta. Sail on Blog Master.

    • IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

      Yeah that was hilarious. Anyway, good luck with your blog nobody, it seems nice so far. I like your cameos section, but I am pretty sure there are a few you missed.

  2. Like What? Oh, I get it. I forgot to add the Cameos for Bullethead.

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